What is Floe?

Floe is an e-mail generator for SAP through which you can manage e-mail templates and dynamic business rules in order to produce tailored, branded e-mail output.

Floe can be used for any SAP e-mail communication and can be incorporated into existing business processes easily.

SAP add-on for HTML e-mail generation
Floe is an HTML e-mail module for SAP.   Using Floe, organisations can deliver outstanding e-mails using HTML content fully integrated with data from their SAP systems.

Developer tool for building dynamic output
With Floe, complex email output can be built with minimal training and traditional SAP skills of table configuration and simple ABAP.

Business User tool for managing email content
Email templates are made up of content blocks that can be treated as master data, and maintained by Business Users through an easy Fiori app.  All the email templates are managed within SAP

What does Floe do?

Floe provides a framework for the definition of business logic and dynamic templates, for easy ongoing maintenance.

Email management
This includes, defining email types, storing the HTML templates, managing all the business logic for data determination, manipulation, attachments, images, and recipients etc: All the components we need to build an email.

You can also build recipient lists for the purpose of mass communication.

Email generation
Floe generates HTML emails based on data and business logic from your SAP system. This enables greatly improved SAP communication with employees and external communities.

This can be entirely data-driven, so you can dynamically select and manipulate the email template, based on the data from SAP.

Floe supports very simple emails or really complex ones, where for example, content is dynamically tailored for the particular recipient, or includes multiple levels of nested content.

You can include images, in two different ways, add in attachments, and create a log in order to capture and report on exactly what was sent to whom.

Powerful integration
Floe provides impressive SAP integration, such that any data from SAP systems can be incorporated into the body of the email. Recipients, images and attachments can be determined from business logic stored within the SAP system.

In addition, because Floe is delivered as an API, you can trigger it from non-SAP systems too, passing in whatever data you like.

Floe is integrated to SAP authorisations, and all the outbound messages flow out of the normal SAP Connect interface, so your Basis team can manage them using the standard tools.

Dynamic  Content
Each email template can be built dynamically from multiple sections, enabling the completed email to be driven by your data.

Emails can include repeating sections or rows to include table-based information, and even repeating nested sections in order to support document output such as sales order item schedule lines.

Tailored  Content
Both the data and the content can be derived based on business rules.  Using Floe, business logic can be added to dynamically change the email content based on SAP data.

In this way, the same email may look very different, containing different paragraphs, links, images or attachments when sent to different recipients.  This enables complex output like sales orders and contracts to be generated automatically.

How does Floe work?

The Floe API
Floe is delivered as an API, and can be triggered from anywhere.

For the main use cases, the API is triggered either from a SAP workflow step, or a print program, or from the mass correspondence tool that is included as part of Floe.

In all cases, the Floe API constructs the email and passes it to the SAP Business Communication Service, which in turn routes it to an outbound SMTP Server.

The Floe API collects data, template and other information and constructs the email.

In some cases, you pass in all the data we want to the API. In other cases you pass in an SAP document number, and then Floe will collect the data it needs.

For this kind of business logic, Floe includes user-exits.  This enables you to add dynamic logic in simple ABAP code blocks.

This means that you have the capability to programmatically override SAP data and the templates, in order to dynamically create tailored emails at run-time.

Each email template can be built dynamically from multiple sections, enabling the e-mail content to be driven by the SAP data and business logic. Recipients, images and attachments can be determined from business logic stored within the SAP system.

This is all made possible with simple HTML templates: There are no separate CSS or JavaScript files or libraries, and so the templates can be maintained easily with the minimal HTML knowledge.

Email Builder App

The Floe Email Builder app is a Fiori app to enable email content to be created and maintained.

Building Emails and Managing Content
You can choose whether you manage email content in your development system (and push it through the SAP landscape using transport requests) OR as master data directly in the production system.  A mixture of both is possible too, with some email content locked for changes in production, and other content available to be maintained by business users.

The Email Builder app can be linked to the production system or the development system, or deployed more than once to maintain content in more than one place if required.

A utility is provided to copy email content created in the production system back to other SAP systems.

Email configuration and user-exit code is created in the Development system and migrated using transport requests as normal.

Email Builder functionality
The Email Builder app has 3 components:

  • Manage Emails
    Enables users to create and change email content, including tables, images and links in multiple languages.
  • Manage Library
    Enables users to create and change library content which can be used across multiple email types.
  • Preview and Test
    Enables users to see a preview and send a test email in order to check the final email on multiple devices.


Technically Floe is an ABAP Add-on, that installs on top of your SAP solution.

You can then set up and use Floe through the normal SAP menus and IMG.

Back-end core
Arch Floe requires a SAP Netweaver 7.0 application server (or above), with the ABAP and BASIS components installed. (SAP_ABA 700, SAP_BASIS 700).

Typically Floe is installed on your back-end SAP system (SAP ERP or S/4HANA) but it can be separately hosted.

The SAP system must be connected to an SMTP server for outbound e-mail traffic.

Email Builder app
The Email Builder app requires SAP Gateway to be installed.  The back-end core includes the service definition.

The app can be deployed to the SAP Cloud or to an ABAP system.

It can be added to the Fiori LaunchPad.  It can run natively inside the Fiori LaunchPad if the available SAPUI5 version is 1.60 or above.  Alternatively it can run as a standalone app outside the Fiori LaunchPad with no dependency on the installed SAPUI5 version.