Document Output and Correspondence

When SAP Business Suite or S/4HANA generates document output this is typically seen by people outside the organization as well as within. You can transform many types of document output using Floe, such as:

  • Logistics/operational document output
  • FI correspondence
  • FI Payment run
  • HCM correspondence

Operational document output

There are many types of transactional document that can trigger an output within SAP Business Suite / S/4HANA. This includes sales outputs (order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices), purchasing outputs, quality management outputs and maintenance order outputs. The output tools inside SAP have traditionally been designed for creating printed output, and now typically create a PDF attachment.

In many cases the PDF attachment can be completely replaced by engaging email content.

FI Correspondence

FI correspondence is communication to customers or suppliers which includes financial information. This includes customer statements, remittance advice, financial invoice and many more.

Use Floe to create powerful emails to send this output, or replace the attachment completely by including all the information inside the body of the email.

FI Payment Run

When supplier payments are performed en masse the payment outputs depend on payment methods, and there are a number of specific print programs for payment processing output.

Some of these outputs are sent by EDI but where they are sent by email, Floe can help enable powerful email content to replace clunky attachments.

HCM Correspondence

When employees move positions or get a promotion, or when many other changes are made to their employment, then they need to be officially informed.

Aquiller provides the tool for HR managers or line managers to create and issue employee letters. Many of these letters can be automatically triggered from SAP.  Others can be triggered manually inside the Aquiller app.  Rather than print such letters it is often more desirable to send to the employees by email.

SAP process notifications

SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA generate many process notifications using a variety of techniques.

Often the resulting emails are quite plain or difficult to maintain, or both. You can transform many types of process notification using Floe, such as:

  • SAP workflow notification
  • Business event notification
  • Fiori app notification

SAP Workflow

Many automated processes are managed using SAP Workflow, which includes its own email templates that require HTML development.  With Floe you can replace SAP Workflow notification emails with task-specific engaging emails quickly and easily.

Typically these emails inform users that a task needs to be completed.

Business Events

Instead of using a workflow trigger, processes and notifications can be triggered using business events. For example, a notification can be triggered when key master data fields are updated, such as customer credit limit or cost center owner.

Typically these emails inform users that something has already happened.

Fiori app notification

Where custom apps do not rely on SAP workflow the notifications may be required, either to inform users that they have a task to complete, or that an update has occurred.

Stelo provides a framework for Fiori processes with pre-delivered integration to Floe for such notifications.

Mass Correspondence

Floe can be used to send mass communication to difference groups of recipients, with business logic to tailor the output for each recipient based on stored parameters such as preferences, groups, geography, language, etc.

Floe includes functionality to manage recipient lists and trigger output to a list.

Alternatively you can create your own trigger program to send to groups of business partners like customers, suppliers and employees.

Email List Output

Send newsletters or use Floe to transform ‘mail-merge’ activities and include tailored content.

Dynamic Mail-merge

Send emails to groups of customers, suppliers, employees etc., including dynamic content based on business rules