Floe Webinars On-demand

Transform SAP email communication with Floe Email Builder

During this session we introduce Floe, the SAP email builder, and show how you can:

  • Build powerful SAP emails with ease
  • Ditch cumbersome PDF attachments and put the content inside the email body instead
  • Transform SAP communication inside and outside the organisation
  • Empower business users to take ownership of SAP communication for the first time

Transform SAP output and ditch PDF attachments

In this session we consider SAP output, including Financial correspondence like Account Statements and document output like Purchase Order output.

We walk-through the creation of a sales order confirmation email step-by-step, and discuss what tasks can be performed by business users and IT users.

We show how Floe emails can replace PDF attachments as a document of record, be stored within the SAP database, saved to a file server or printed.

Transform SAP process notifications: FAST and EASY

In this session we focus on SAP process notifications and how to build emails for any SAP workflow task quickly and easily.

We demonstrate step-by-step how to build an email and link this to an SAP Workflow, and also show how to notifications can be triggered from custom Fiori processes.

View this session to see how business users can easily change the content of notification emails without involving IT team, in order that changes can be made in minutes instead of weeks.

Deliver TAILORED MASS EMAIL direct from SAP

In this session we focus on how emails can be built for mass emailing within SAP using Floe.

We show how mailing lists can be enhanced with SAP master data in order to determine email content dynamically.  We walk through step-by-step how to create an email template with dynamic content, so that generated emails are tailored for every recipient.

We demonstrate how emails can be built for groups of employees, customers and suppliers, and how to add in business logic for the dynamic determination of email content.