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    Pasting into the Text Editor should be done with caution!

    If pasting text content it is better to paste in unformatted text and then add the formatting using the text editor. Use the code toggle button to view the HTML code to check that you have the correct formatting if necessary. If the content gets really screwed up to the point where the text editor cannot process it, then the only way to fix the content is through the back-end transaction.

    If pasting in table content (eg from one block to another) then the text editor often does not preserve the cell widths and sets them to pixels. Each cell width has to be fixed.

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    Floe Wizard
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    Padding around images can sometimes be difficult because the rich text editor puts images inside a <p> tag.

    There are several approaches to overcome the space added after the image:

    1. Edit the block in the back-end to remove the <p> tags. (This will be added back again if you edit the block again in the rich text editor.)
    2. Use a ‘code’ block instead of a text block. Add a table with a single row and and single cell with an image in it.
    3. Change the margin-bottom of the <p> tag by defining a style in the Floe template and adding a class to the <p> tag around the image.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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