Yes this is possible. Floe can be used to replace Adobe forms / SMARTFORMs / SAPscripts. The steps are:

  1. Create an email template in Floe. Again, this will need to be made up of several sections in order to handle the repeating rows.
  2. Change (or clone) the SAP output program so that it calls the Floe API, passing in the document data.
  3. Change the SAP output configuration (probably create a new output type) to point to the new SAP output program.
  4. Add a data user-exit to handle any calculations and data formatting that are normally handled in the output template: For example to convert dates to long dates, format quantities, add currency symbols and calculate anything that is required in the e-mail output but was not in the document data. [Instead of using the user-exit, this logic could be added to the output program instead.]

Examples are provided on the support site.