Many SAP customers have looked outside SAP for a solution to maintain output templates.

This can include the print output template design, the printing, the email design, and the emailing process.

With Floe you can bring this back inside SAP to make significant savings.

Floe is integrated into SAP, not interfaced. This means any data in SAP is available to Floe not just the packet of data required for the email itself.  Floe can include more data more easily, or use that data in logic to determine what document fragments to include or exclude.

This level of tailoring each output enables much more effective communication.

Since Floe Designer is so easy to use, more design for business communication can be owned by business users, so making changes to the output template is much faster.

The cost for Floe is very low compared to any other third party product.  If you can move some of your workload to Floe and reduce a pay per email service charge by more than the Floe subscription you have a business case.