What is the technical architecture for Floe?

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Floe is comprised of: A back-end 'SAP Add-on' component, installed into your on-premise SAP system. A Fiori app Template Designer, which can be deployed to your front-end server or the SAP cloud. A cloud-based image repository (no installation component required) Floe integrates with Renda.io cloud services for the generation of PDF documents and for the sending [...]

How does Floe impact performance?

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Since Arch Floe is an ABAP-stack-only solution, and since there is no PDF attachment, then the rendering of the e-mail is much faster than the rendering of an equivalent PDF output form. The resulting e-mail size is much smaller without the attachment, and so the data packet is smaller and the data storage requirement is reduced. [...]

What are the system pre-requisites for Floe?

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Floe requires a SAP Netweaver 7.0 application server (or above), with the ABAP and BASIS components installed. (SAP_ABA 700, SAP_BASIS 700). The SAP system must be connected to an SMTP server for outbound e-mail traffic.

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