Floe isn’t designed for printing. Of course it isn’t.  SAP already provides 3 tools for designing print output.

Floe is for everything else except printing. It generates email, SMS, HTML and PDF output, to cater for all kinds of business communication.

Floe is for organisations who have moved on from printing, and are now moving on from sending attachments, such that the business communication is contained entirely within the email or SMS.

But the problem is that many organisations still have printing requirements – perhaps as exception processes – but they still require output templates to be generated and sent to be printed via the SAP Spool.

So we have a secret:  We can use Floe for printing.  Not for labels or specialist requirements, but for printing SAP document output.  It’s not something we’re proud of, or particularly want to advertise, because we do see this as an exception process rather than normal business.

We should say, a little development is required, and a subscription to Renda.io, but it’s not costly, and provides a way for the same template designer (and in many cases the same template) to be used not only for email content, but also PDF and printed output.

It’s another use case that makes Floe the Universal Designer for SAP business communication.

To read more and see exactly what development is required, check out this article on our support site.