Let’s assume that your organisation has a communication strategy.  It it’s large enough to run SAP then it should (and probably does) have one.

Your communication strategy will encompass a number of topics, such as:

  • Communication Channels;
  • Target Audiences;
  • Communication Goals;
  • Communication Activity; and
  • Feedback.

Your communication strategy should cover manually-triggered communication and system-generated communication.  It should cover communication standards, branding guidelines, and support your marketing strategy.

It is therefore, perhaps, surprising that so much SAP-generated communication often fails to meet even the most basic communication needs.

Floe enables you to design SAP-generated communication to support each part of your communication strategy, and transform how your business communicates with its employees, customers and other parties.

Communication Channels

Floe supports both ‘pull’ and ‘push’ communication approaches.  Floe generates email and SMS content, and can generate HTML and PDF content on demand for web portal and chatbot processes.

Target Audience


Use Floe for internal communication like process notifications, and for mass correspondence to the whole organisation.

Customers & business partners

Use Floe for external communication like sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payment advice. Add consistent branding and messaging to every communication touch-point.


Manage recipient lists within Floe in order to use the same design tool for all communication, tailoring each specific communication to individual needs and preferences using dynamic logic.

Communication Goals

Typically, your goals will include generating awareness, interest and demand.

Floe supports this by:

  1. Enabling consistent branding through the multi-channel Floe Designer.
  2. Enabling the dynamic inclusion of up-to-date marketing banners, links and sales offers with every piece of external communication.
  3. Enabling the addition pf social media links to every communication.

Communication Activity Plan

Floe supports mass communication to different recipient groups, such that planned communication activity can be generated using data and logic inside the SAP system.   Floe also supports process-driven communication based on business events within the SAP system, or from external systems.


Encouraging feedback will be a critical part of your communication strategy.

Floe support simple feedback choices, such as ‘how are we doing today?’ and ‘how satisfied are you?’ out-of-the-box, and can include links to web forms or surveys for more formal feedback.


Floe can help you ensure that all your SAP-generated communication follows your communication guidelines and forms a key part of your communication strategy.  Floe’s multi-channel design tool can help provide consistency for both internal and external communication.