Floe provides the opportunity to re-visit and re-think how, why, where, when and what we communicate to our business communities.

Rather than rely on old email/print approaches, we can consider when to use ‘push’ or ‘pull’ communication methods, to provide our business communities the information they need when they need it.

For internal communication, Fiori Notification Center provides a huge improvement of reaching those employees who use SAP through Fiori LaunchPad.  Outside that community, there is a wide range of options available:

Since Floe templates can support all these options, we can deliver a common communication experience: Both internal and external messaging can meet corporate communication standards, be ‘on brand’ and be easily kept up to date.

You can decide, for every scenario, what approach is best; when to use email attachments effectively, when a physical print is required, when a text message is the best fit, or indeed when a self-service approach better meets the needs of your business communities.

With Floe you can ensure that your SAP business communication matches, or even exceeds your marketing communication tools.

Transform every communication such as internal process notifications and every point of your customers’ journey.

With Floe you can consider business communication a key part of user experience.  You can transform your business communication whatever that communication is.  You can move on from old technologies inside SAP ECC and S/4HANA.  You can take control of your internal and external messaging, and deliver first class communication using the best approach for each process step.