Here’s an idea.  Stop sending emails with PDF attachments.  If I need a physical document, let me access my documentation through a web portal, or request it from a web form or chatbot.

Don’t send employees PDF documents of their payslips and tax forms.  Instead, make these available to be generated on demand.  This means that they don’t need to download the file until they need to file a tax report or leave the organisation.

If your customers need a VAT invoice then they should be able to download one from a customer portal. Anything else, anything else at all, they don’t need a PDF for, and in fact presenting the data on demand in HTML format is just better.

Floe generates SAP output in HTML or PDF formats, on demand.  Simple call the API from your web technology, which might be SAPUI5, custom JavaScript or SAP Conversational AI.

Replace old ‘push’ output processes with self-service processes, and, at the same time, you can abandon legacy technologies for SAP output generation. And, for clarity, ALL the output technologies in SAP are legacy now, even in S/4 HANA.

There is no need to generate a document and store it in a document server for subsequent access: There is no need for OpenText any more.  Instead, generate your documents on demand, saving space and making your processes so much more efficient. And you’ll be saving the planet too.

Isn’t all this obvious?  We think it just seems like common sense, not some ludicrous paradigm-shift.  But, it’s a million miles away from standard SAP output generation approaches.  So you do need to take on a mindset to look beyond standard SAP, in recognition that the standard approaches are out-dated.

All we’re trying to do is make SAP easier.  And Floe can add value to any SAP customer running on-premise ERP or S/4HANA.  Take a look, as it’s really a no-brainer.