Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) is an organisation with approximately  15,000 employees serving a population of over half a million residents.  The Council provides a wide range of services to residents including education, healthcare, transport and environmental management.

BCC has undertaken a programme to radically improve SAP output communication across the entire organisation using Floe.

“Floe is brilliant” said Carol Howe, SAP Analyst at BCC. “Our e-mails now look very professional, which was easily achieved in-house without any specialised training. Once you get started, you can create a new e-mail template in just a few days. We plan to convert all of our e-mails to Floe”

The Council has already built over 100 SAP email templates with Floe, and is generating over 200,000 Floe emails per year.

Notification email before FloeNotification email with Floe

Floe gives us an easy way to create professional e-mail output from SAP.  It has been an instant success and I would happily recommend it to any organisation looking to ensure that their SAP-generated e-mail content looks professional and contemporary.

Adrian Clarke, Buckinghamshire County Council