Universal Designer for SAP Business Communication

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SAP Business Communication There are a number of different approaches to generate business communication from SAP and your company may use some or all of them: PDF document output. Typically generated when a business document like sales order, purchase order or invoice is created.  Normally sent as an email attachment. PDF letter. In many cases [...]

Design and send SMS messages with Floe

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With Floe 220 comes the capability to create and manage a library of SMS message templates, and trigger the sending of those using a new API. So instead of an email notification, you can now choose between Email and SMS communication channels. SMS templates are managed in Floe Designer alongside Email templates: Each SMS can consist [...]

Top 5 New Features in Floe

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There are some fantastic new features in Floe 210 to make SAP emails easier to build and more powerful. Inbound Email Handling From Floe 210, the Floe Designer application can be used to add inbound email links/buttons to the email content. This enables a return email to be formatted, including action and text. When the return [...]

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WEBINAR SERIES: Transform SAP email communication with Floe Email Builder

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If you are still sending out plain emails from SAP for correspondence, output documents and process notifications then please join this webinar series to learn how to deliver automated emails with dynamic content that look fantastic and can be maintained by your business users. During the course of this webinar series we will demonstrate how [...]

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