There are some fantastic new features in Floe 210 to make SAP emails easier to build and more powerful.

Inbound Email Handling

From Floe 210, the Floe Designer application can be used to add inbound email links/buttons to the email content.

This enables a return email to be formatted, including action and text.

When the return email is sent back to the SAP system, it is captured and processed by the Floe Inbound Processing Engine.  This executes rules stored in simple ABAP user-exits to trigger SAP updates using the information sent back in the email.

With this functionality, information and decisions can be captured from email recipients, regardless of whether they are SAP users.

Zero-code Attachments

Attachments can now be included in emails with no user-exit development. Every email type can include one or more attachments, which can be ‘static’ documents (like terms and conditions) or dynamically generated documents.  The Floe Designer can now be used to build both the emails and the attachments.

This means that emails can contain reports or files that can be saved or printed.  This greatly expands the use cases that can be easily supported by Floe.

PDF File Generations

One really powerful option is for the attachment to be a PDF. This means that it can be sent, filed, and printed really easily.  Using this option, you can replace all old SAPScript, SMARTFORMS, or Adobe forms and use a single designer for all outputs sent by email.

Low-code Dynamic Content

It is now easy to include or exclude parts of the email based on the simple logic added in Floe Designer.  In this way, different sections, logos, signatures, or images can be dynamically added to the email at run-time based on the value of SAP fields.  So it’s really easy to change logos based on the company code, for example.

In this example the section is included after a particular date only.

Template Copy

Email templates can become quite complex – built from a mixture of library content and process-specific content, with logic, attachments, and content translated into multiple languages.

So the creation of a new email template can be made much faster if an existing template is taken as the starting place.  With Floe 210 an email template can be copied at the touch of a single button, bringing in all the elements, so that the build time can be greatly reduced.

See Floe in Action

See these features in action in this video:

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