We’re pleased to announce that Floe 210, the best tool for enhancing SAP email, began shipping at the end of July. We are expecting our first customer go-live at the end of summer. Register for your free trial now.

We’d like to thank you for all your feedback and requests for added functionality in Floe. We now have a solid development list for the solution which will see Floe move to be not just a really powerful way of creating emails integrated with SAP data, but have many of the capabilities found in market-leading communication tools that don’t integrate with SAP.

One of the best new features in Floe is decision capture in email for any SAP process. Throughout our 25 years working with eforms and now Fiori apps we have always been able to capture decisions. Capturing an acceptance is straightforward, but for a rejection additional information is inevitably required, so we need to prompt and check for that. Previously we have redirected the user to a BSP screen or even an eform or app, but always the best answer was to keep the process in the same technology.  With Floe 210 we can capture a rejection in an email and then use the power of Floe to process that.

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