Deliver notification emails when changes are made to SAP master data records.  Inform data owners when key business data is changed, to ensure transparency and fix data quality problems before they occur.


  • Use Floe Email Builder to design a tailored email.


  • Add business logic to determine what to trigger, when to trigger it, and to whom.


  • Add Floe as a cost-effective quick-win to regain control of master data changes.

SAP Change Documents

Many SAP objects trigger SAP change Documents.  This provides an audit trial of ‘who changed what’ at field-level, when objects are created, changed or deleted.  The objects can be master data objects like customers, materials and cost centers, or documents like sales orders and purchase orders.

SAP provides the functionality to trigger an ‘event’ in the system when a change document is created.  This can be linked to a ‘business object’ or to a ‘class’, with the right key for the object being changed, and with a configured event.

When an event is invoked it can be configured to trigger a SAP Workflow or a function module.

Floe Integration

Using this standard approach we can configure the system to call Floe when specific objects are changed.

The integration is easy, and described in detail in this online guide.  Everything you need is available through the Arch Support Site, including a sample email template to upload.

The set-up can be completed in a few minutes.

The Results

The result is that we can generate emails as follows for many different types of master data change.