Email notifications form a crucial part of your user experience; better user experience leads unlocks increased satisfaction and productivity.  SAP workflow emails are better with Floe.

Workflow data without development

Use any data from the workflow container inside the body of the email.  There’s no development required to read the data: It just works!

Specific templates for different workflow tasks

Since email templates can be built in minutes and assigned to workflow tasks easily, there’s no need for generic workflow notifications.  Every email can contain all the information the user requires.

Dynamic emails based on workflow content

With Floe you can add business logic to include or exclude parts of the email, so the emails can be designed to show only the information that is directly relevant to the particular scenario.

Email templates managed by business users

With Floe, the email templates can be maintained by business users using an easy Fiori app.  There’s no need to involve IT as the changes can be made with no development.