With Floe 220 comes Floe Drive – a free image repository. This provides a powerful way to handle images within Floe templates. It is easy to drag and drop images into the repository, and include images from your repository in any output template.

There are, in fact, four different ways in which we can support image handling in Floe:

1: URL Link

Include any image by reference, using a URL hyperlink.   Images must be saved on an externally-facing web server and then added into the template using the Add image button.  For emails, the actual image is read by the email client when it is being read.  The email does not carry the whole image, so the email size is small.

2: Embedded Images [Multipart Emails]

Use the Floe Image User-exit to add image files into the email, so that they are embedded within the generated email, and can be read without downloading any images: No access to any web server is required.  This is the old-fashioned method of handling email images for older email clients.  It is not so good for browser-based email clients and email on mobile devices.

3: Embedded Images [Base 64]

Simple paste in images into the text editor in Floe Designer and the image will be converted to ‘base 64’ and embedded into the output template.  For emails, this means the generated email is larger due to the image size, but can be read in entirety off-line without loading images from a web server.

4: NEW – URL Link [Floe Drive]

Simply upload the image into Floe Designer, and it will store it securely in the cloud.  There is no need to manage images on a separate web-server.

So, however you wish to handle images in your output templates, whether they are logos, banners, product photos or other graphics, it couldn’t be easier with Floe.

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