The latest version of Floe (FLOE220) delivers a single template designer for multiple use cases and output technologies.

Floe now supports the generation of email, HTML, PDF and SMS, covering almost every SAP output requirement.  Here are 5 fantastic new features:

[1] Floe Drive, the new image repository

Save images in Floe Drive: There is no longer any need to publish images separately on a web server or embed them with a user-exit.  Floe Drive makes image management really easy, and is included with Floe at no additional cost.

[2] Automatic Variable Generation

The Floe Variable Table makes it easy for business users to add SAP data fields into output templates without knowledge of the field name.   With Floe 220, developers can use a variable generation tool to automatically fill the variable table with all the possible values for a particular output. (E.g. taken from the print program or workflow container).

[3] SMS Message Design: Integration with

Floe now supports text messages: Use the Floe Designer to create the text, adding in SAP data as required.  Then at runtime, use the new Floe API to send the text message.  Floe is integrated with the SMS service in for this purpose.

[4] PDF Headers and Footers

Floe content blocks can now be configured as header or footer blocks in order to be repeated on every page when the template is rendered as a PDF.  This is really useful for multi-page output documents.

[5] Additional font support

Floe now supports more fonts. You can add your font-family into a new Floe configuration table, so you are no longer constrained by the fonts supplied by SAP in the SAPUI5 text editor.

Floe is outstanding and continues to improve with each release.  The new features in Floe 220 extend the number of business scenarios supported, and make it easier for business users to use the Floe Designer.  Floe can deliver undoubted benefit for every SAP customer.